We understand how important security is when it comes to your debit card. That is why we have established Card Sentry-a proactive risk management tool. The system is designed to review card activity for any unusual transactions and creates alerts that are reviewed by fraud analysts. If any unusual activity is noted on your account, you will be contacted by a fraud analyst on behalf of Fredonia Valley Bank to verify charges. The service will:
  • monitor credit card authorization 24/7
  • Contact cardholder "on behalf of Fredonia Valley Bank" (8:00 am-9:00 pm CST)

  • Contact Fredonia Valley Bank if fraud is deemed to be of higher risk

  • Block cards when fraud is confirmed or cardholder cannot be reached and risk of fraud is determined to be high



For added assurance that will better assist us:


  • When you are going out of town for buisness or vacation, simply notify Fredonia Valley Bank of your travel plans so your card activity can be monitored to eliminate undue concerns for unusual activity

  • Keep all contact phone numbers current-home, work, and cell-so you may be contacted immediately, if needed

  • Keep in mind, detection and identification of suspect activity is not an exact science

  • There are no practical ways to detect, identify or act on all fraudulent transactions or patterns of transactions



If you believe your account may have been used fraudulently, please call us at (270) 545-3301 or (270) 388-2265 and ask for the Bookkeeping Department. Again, to better help us assist you please make sure your contact phone numbers are current-home, work, and cell. Our staff will gladly assist you. 

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